“A Light in the Darkness”


Love this poem by a friend’s young daughter:


While men fall around me all day

I will trust you to show me the way

and show your shining light,

even in the darkness of night.


You are the righteous judge,

though Satan may try to smudge

away your shining light

it will always shine as bright.


Though I will stumble a bit

your lamp will always be lit,

for you will put me right

and show your shining light.


You are the Good Shepherd, LORD

for it says so in your Word

and the glory of your light

will show forth in your might.


You sent your Son to die for me,

a greater joy I cannot see

through the darkness shone your brilliant light,

a wonderful, amazing sight.


Now that is all I have to say

but I hope GOD will show you the way,

shining His never fading light

in the darkness of the night.


By Sadie Gould


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